The Smokin' Rose of Texas

BBQ delivery

​Slow smokin, fast moving, BBQ delivery. You heat and serve!

Have you ever wanted a great outdoor BBQ but just dont have the time to smoke all that meat for 10 or 12 hours?? Well leave the smokin to us! We will take care of all your meat and homemade bbq sauce; all you have to do is your sides (or for the right price we can talk about it!) We will deliver your brisket, ribs, sausage or whatever you like to your door. It will be cold but wrapped and ready to eat in just a few hours from your oven or on your own pit. Then you'll slice it up and serve your friends and family and take all the credit!! My original sauce recipe and dry rubs have been honed to perfection. Perfect for a big party or just a few good friends. You'll be back for more!

Every order is custom made and tailored to your needs. Email, text, tweet, messege, or hey just pick up the phone and call! I'd love to talk to you!



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